My Etsy News: Digital Photography Downloads


I decided to convert my Photography into digital downloads or Via email instead of just offering prints. There are a few reasons that I felt would benefit both myself and the customers. 

1. You can print as many as you’d like on any kind of paper , Whether it’s at home, or a photo lab of your choice. Matte, Lustre, Glossy ect.. It’s totally up to you! 

2. You can have an image printed on any type of canvas or posters you’d like from any photo lab aswell. This makes it so simpler and easy and also great ideas for gifting! (Holidays are around the corner!)

3. You can have the images printed on things like coffee mugs or even cards to send to your loved ones. (Not to sell them to others)

4. No Shipping neccessary! You have to think… this probably is one of the best benefits for the both of us! No shipping and no shipping fee needed. 🙂 

So there are a variety of ways you can use photography and now you understand why I chose to make mine Instant Downloads or Emailed. 

The great thing is, If you still would like to purchase a print, I can still work with you on that as well! I am staying optimistic with my Etsy shop but also with my Photography as well because it’s always going to be my passion and I know I will succeed one day, It just takes bumpy roads to get there 🙂


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Why I love being a Representative

I absolutely love Avon. I also love helping my customers assisting them for any thing they need, whether it’s make-up, Skincare, personal hygiene products or even a simple gift for someones birthday ect. Avon has brought me to a whole new era of opportunities. Do I have to work for it? Yes I do. Do I give up easily? Nope.. I’m not that sort of person who gives up on something I have a lot of confidence doing.

Avon as we all know is a very well-known Direct Sales company that has been with us for over 127 years. I signed up with Avon in the beginning for some extra cash. My goal now? I am planning on and working on making Avon my full-time job. Yes it is work, just like any other job. But being able to have the flexibility and enjoying what I do make it so much well worth it. When my orders come in for my customers every 2 weeks, it’s like Christmas to me even if it’s not my own stuff.

I am now taking in Leadership, and I have some people on my team who enjoy just selling, and I admire them. They love what they do as well and some of my team members are full-time workers as well who do Avon on the side which is wonderful.


My short-term goal right now, is to gain 5 more members to join my team! The cost for Avon is only $10, which a kit is included. I love helping my team as much as I can and they know I am always there to help them with Avon, how to manage their websites, or answer their questions to the best I can. I even started making my own tutorials!


If you would like to join Avon, join my team today, for only $10, Very simple sign up at        Reference Code: trisharoberts   You can become a great part of our team! I also have a Facebook group just for this team. I absolutely love getting to know people and other reps. So if your interested in making some extra money, Please feel free to join!

If you would like even more information, you may even check out the opportunity section on my Avon website!


When you open up a new door, your opening up new opportunities. Things that you can do in life are unlimited. For only $10, You can open up that new door to new possibilities and opportunities as an Avon Rep! If you’d like to give it a whirl, Reference Code: trisharoberts Very easy sign up, and I will be there every step of the way along with my team, we aim to succeed, strive and achieve!


For only $10, and some motivation, What do you have to lose? Any questions, Never hesitate to ask! =)




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My At Home Video

My At Home Video.

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Simon and Skully Duo

This video shows you about one of our cute products, They dance and sing. and is included in my Gift Basket Raffle with other cute Halloween products aswell as some other’s.

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Hello world!

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Happy blogging!

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